Test play with the new design

Participants: Cook, Pascalle, Mika, Marvin & Yoeri

So tonight I am playing the game with 4 colleagues. 2 play board games regularly, 2 are casual board gamers.

Let’s see how this goes. 🙂

Round 1 starts off with me rolling a bust, the others going well.

2nd round when Marvin gets his 2nd items specimen card, Pascalle throws down the Meteor Shower (with a maniacal laugh 🙂 ) Marvin is not amused and starts lobbying for pay back by Cook. Cook however doesn’t fall for it.

The cards in the Abduction area go fast, there is not yet much stealing from each other. Pascalle is actively looking for action cards and is using her Species ability often.

Marvin keeps stealing my specimen cards…. I am still at 1 collected specimen…..

I want to help Marvin by injuring Pascalle with a Sub Atomic Particle Ray, however, he plays the Cloaking Device card, redirecting the hit to Mika. Why, Marvin, why? Then I try to steal a region from Mika, but he cancels it with the Decoy Specimen, so again, Fail…. Still 1 specimen card in my posession.

Cook plays E.T. Envy on Marvin’s Force Field and a Space Sniffles to kill him. However he has a Cry Baby in his hand, saving him and his Your Local Representative…. The combo’s and counters these guys play…. unbelievable.

In Cook’s turn, she takes the Submarine card from Pascalle (4 Satellites) and plays a Dark Side of the Moon card to protect it, launching her to 1st place. Pascalle counters it by stealing a human Specimen card from Cook, gaining another DNA token from the DNA pool. Using the Homesick Alien and X-Ray Vision cards she gets 2 cards. Then she throws I want to believe! forcing us all to give 1 card to the player on our right.

Finally a Solar Flare…. I have the Space Shades in my hand, so I am safe 🙂 But it doesn’t even get to that, because Cook gets an awesome roll, taking the last Specimen card and wins the game….

No luck for the game host.

Final score:

Yoeri 4, Marvin 5, Pascalle and Mika 7 and Cook has 15.

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