A game of Alien abductions. In this exciting card and dice game, you will play as one of six Aliens. It’s your job to gather specimens and objects for your galactic zoo.

Duration 30
to 45 minutes

The game lasts with 4 players 30 to 45 minutes (plus or minus 15 minutes). Solo games can be played in 20 minutes.

62 cards with
different artwork

There are 18 specimen cards with humans, animals and objects. Six unique alien character cards, and 38 specially designed action cards.

Play with up to six people,
solo mode supported

The game is going to be produced with as much recycled or durable material as we can within our budget.

Abduct specimens for your galactic zoo

Are you also tired of us always losing to the humans? That for some reason all earthlings always talk American and that they always outsmart us at the last minute?

Then this is your chance to do something about it! Join the Earth Abduction Project and fly your saucer to Earth to gather as many specimens as possible and thus gain the key to success and Earth Domination! Muhahahaha.

How to play

In this exciting card and dice game, you will play as 1 of 6 randomly chosen Aliens.

By throwing dice up to 3 times per turn, you have to charge up your saucer’s beam power and abduct specimens, whether they are humans, animals or objects.

Use your harvested DNA tokens for rerolls and play action cards to boost your abilities, or thwart your oponent’s plans.

This fast paced dice action will keep you and your companions guessing who the winner will be until the very end!

Three of the 18 specimens you can abduct for your zoo.

You can play as an alien with their own unique abilities

All characters have their own special ability, which activate once during your turn, when three dice show the same result. You can also manipulate the dice with a dna-token to also get 3 of the same dice faces.

You character can also get injured, when that happens you can’t use your special ability anymore. However, you can heal yourself with cards or even prevent getting injured.

Game overview


“This game is easy to learn and fun to play!”


“Until the end, you never know who is going to win…”


“Give me that Platypus!”


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